Journey To Tate Modern London

As part of my BTEC Level 3 course at Kensington and Chelsea college we were set a task to pick one of the three routes to travel to Tate Modern. My journey started at Kensington & Chelsea College where I met the rest of the class and we were in groups ready to set off for Tate Modern via different routes. We were all very eager to find out what the day ahead involved, and what we were going to see at the various exhibitions at Tate.

We promptly made our way down the road to the bus stop to catch the 211. Let me tell you standing on the top deck of a bus trying to take photos isn’t easy! Involving sudden jolts and jerks. On the day you wanted there to be traffic there wasn’t any! We passed through different areas looking out for interesting views that we could capture through the grubby bus windows. We speeded through the Kings road, up passed Sloane Square and into Westminster were we shortly got off at Westminster embankment, right next to the houses of parliament.

There were tons of tourists everywhere rushing around; we all got caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life. Our group explored the area before we crossed the crowded Westminster Bridge.

We paid our Thames Clipper boat fares and waited for a short time for the boat to arrive. It was only one stop on the boat about ten minute journeys to Tate modern. Whilst travelling along the river Thames, we took the opportunity to take some pictures of London’s most famous attractions like the London Eye and Big Ben. I photographed the bridges we passed under, buildings and boats opposite. As we got off the boat it was pouring down, I tried to capture shots of people’s vibrant umbrellas walking across the millennium bridge . We then took a very short walk to the gallery passing Shakespeare’s globe which we paused quickly to take some quick snaps of.

As I entered the museum I was hit by the silence of the gallery. Everyone looked deadly serious, admiring the pieces of art very closely. The first pieces of art I saw were by William Eggleston. I quite like his work but, his pictures are very difficult to interoperate if you don’t know the story behind them. My favourite exhibition was by Graciela Iturbide and it was called Poetry and Dream. I really enjoyed looking at her work because I like black and white photography and there were pictures of animals as well as portraits of people. Despite the cold, rainy, grey skies I managed to capture life in London perfectly.


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